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How She Does It: The $16k per Month Niche Travel Blog

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Melissa from Nomad Life 101 helps others navigate making money online, so they can have financial freedom.

She’s proof that you can earn a living while doing what you love.

Melissa is all about keeping things real with her niche travel blog. She’s upfront and honest with her readers – her success didn’t happen overnight. It took years for her to get where she is.

Let’s Take a Look at How This Niche Travel Blogger Makes $16,000+ /mo

How The Niche Travel Blog Nomad Life 101 Works

Melissa owns 8 websites, but shes makes the bulk of her income from two of them – which are niche travel blogs.

Blogging Income

Her blogs are monetized in three different ways:

  • Sponsors
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ad display

Blogging Expenses

  • Tools, and subscriptions
  • Content creation (freelance writers)
  • Web story services
  • Accounting (including Companio)
  • Blog management/assistance

Content Strategy

Melissa starts out each month analyzing her top posts to identify patterns for success.

She tells her readers that the best investment you can make as a blogger is content creation. It’s The more content, the more money to be made with ads.

Melissa says her current strategies work because there’s increased blog traffic, ad revenue, and affiliate marketing.

SEO, Marketing, and Discovery

Melissa has a course SEO From Scratch that helps new bloggers navigate SEO.

Without a doubt SEO can be VERY overwhelming!

SEO From Scratch is an affordable online course designed for bloggers who want to learn how to increase their traffic from search engines.

Melissa shares some steps she does every time she publishes a new post.

  • Keyword research before writing a blog post
  • Writing optimized content with the latest SEO strategies in mind
  • Indexing the content on Google Search Console
  • Optimize old pieces of content every week

How Many Monthly Pageviews Does Nomad Life 101 Have?

227K pageviews

Driving Traffic

If you can believe it, Melissa doesn’t use Facebook, Pinterest or email marketing to drive traffic. She relies solely on content creation and SEO.

She uses freelance writers to help with her content, which cost her about $480/mo. She carefully calculates the return on investment (ROI) for each of her writers, so she sees how long it will take to turn a profit.

If you’re looking new to blogging and are looking for a mentor or a blogging coach you can get in touch with Melissa at

Are you ready to start your own blog? Check out these 10 easy steps.

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